Shiloh Shepherd Breed Defectors: Where's the Truth

Since many people seem to be confused over this issue, I felt that it's time to provide the seeking public with a typical example that can detail who they were/are and why they left the strict ISSR program that was designed to enhance and expand the gene pool that started at Shiloh Shepherd Kennels

We have already presented short blurbs about some of the other turncoats that have "jumped ship" over the past few years.  Please view our new Critical Issues pages.  However, since Dawn is the most recent one to also abscond with a lot of former New Zion Shiloh dogs, and due to the fact that she has taken five other former "LB's" down with her (Bearpaws, Haus VID, Highlander, Brick Chapel and Abba's), we would like to share her story in this presentation.  So, let's take a good look at the facts in this case!

Dawn came to New Zion Kennels in 2000 to adopt one of the dogs that needed to be re-homed after the fire. She took Vickey and quickly fell in love with the breed.

Then, later that year, she spotted one of our young show pups! As she  did not have the means to buy a pup, she offered to show her, and then pay for Allie by providing NZS with 1/2 of two litters.  Lisa agreed and a new friendship was formed!

 As she posted on our breeders forum in 2001, <<I feel the only place to truly learn about these dogs is from Tina. Afterall, she created them with God's guidance. Maybe,  in 15-20 years, I may have the knowledge to be a breeder but until then, I want to work under Tina's and Lisa's guidance, and learn.>>

Dawn kept her word and came to several shows, taking her all the way to her GV title for two consecutive years! Obviously she was hooked and wanted to get more dogs from Lisa so that she could continue to support her new hobby! Lisa complied and gave Dawn a lot more bitches to whelp, so that she could start building her reputation as the "Breeder of Champions".  After all, isn't that what every new breeder should strive for? It takes a lot of experience and a long time to build a stable line that is capable of producing exceptional pups! However, that's the road breeders have always had to travel in order to gain a good reputation for their name! 

With Lisa's stock and guidance, Dawn was on her way!

Lisa presents Dawn with Homecoming awards 2004

Lisa presents Dawn with her awards.
Homecoming 2004

Lisa was more than willing to help her attain these goals by providing her with a lot of dogs.  As a result, Dawn, as stated in a letter to the SSDCA Advisory Board of Directors dated May 7, 2006, "produced seven litters over three years" (actually 7 litters between 9/23/03 and 12/31/05 according to her website), inspiring her to purchase an abandoned former boarding kennel in Murrysville where she could easily house dozens of dogs, in order to produce even more litters per year!

kennel pictures
The house where most of her dogs are crated The kennel building is up a steep hill.
inside kennel pictures
Some of the inside runs Inside Kennel building
inside kennel pictures

Indoor facility for boarding small mammals

Additional inside runs

outside runs

Outdoor Runs

Another view of the small outdoor runs

Photos taken by Lisa Barber with permission of Dawn Swick.

After all, Dawn clearly swore to all of us that she would be loyal to the ISSR--no matter what!


I don't know who you are talking about, Tina but I for one will state dogs will remain with the ISSR and all of my puppies will be registered ONLY with the ISSR. You have my word on it, as well as my signature when I became a licensed breeder. "

Of course, Lisa did her part by continuing to deliver some of our best breeding stock (both male and female) to Dawn because she thought that she had found a true friend who would appreciate all that she was doing!

Please note: Anyone can go out and purchase/obtain a great champion/show prospect! It takes years/decades of experience and perseverance to PRODUCE one! The quality of a good breeder should always be judged by the final product displayed! Just like a mechanic's abilities should be based on the cars he can BUILD, not on what he can buy/steal! If you are screening a potential breeder, inquire about the titled dogs that they have actually produced versus the number of puppies they had to bring into this world in order to reach their goals! Ask about their long term breeding program--what will their dogs look like a decade from now?

The Bible says, "Where there is no vision the people perish"  Proverbs 29:18.

This can also be applied to the Shiloh Shepherd.  Without a vision, this breed would perish!

The ISSR continues to uphold my vision for this breed--the same vision that started in 1974 and has continued to prevail despite all of the struggles I have had to endure! My vision will not fail and the loyal ISSR breeders that are working with me toward full breed recognition will be rewarded -- while the "frauds" perish!

Shiloh History: the First 40 Years  | What is A Shiloh Shepherd 1990


Now let's take another close look at Dawn's Growth History.


Adopted Vickey during the fire reduction

Vickie reunited with Lisa Homecoming 2002


Vickey re-united with Lisa at Homecoming 2002.

Received Allie (a top show prospect) and took her to GV in 2003 and 2004. Allie Homecoming 2002
Allie wins BOB, Homecoming 2002, photo courtesy


Lisa placed Foxy with Dawn.  In February 2004 Lisa also provided her with Blue so that she would have a good stud to breed Foxy to.

Foxy NS Homecoming 2003
  Foxy after a miraculous show weekend at her first show in March 2003, is awarded a National Select Title, Homecoming 2003


February -- Received Toran (Torey/Angus). 




Toran Homecoming 2004

Toran, pictured above at the 2004 Homecoming.
Photo courtesy of Shiloh Shepherd Photography

Bellegrace visits New Zion March 2004 December

Dawn kept two Allie pups to start off her breeding program..

Three of the puppies from the Allie/Grizz litter re-united at 6 months of age.  For additional photos, please see Weekend Visit to New Zion Shilohs March 2004.  

and received additional dogs from New Zion as follows:


After Allie's premature death in February 2004, Lisa placed Aura (Ria/Grizz) with Dawn  because she looked so much like Allie.

Lisa placed Ria (Zion Reaps It All) with Dawn because she was Allie's sister.

Lisa placed Honey (Black Bear Sweet Honey O'Zion) with Dawn because she moved like Allie, and Dawn loved showing her.

Dawn Honey NESSA MAC Specialty 2004

SSDCA Specialty, July 2004
Photo courtesy of Shiloh Shepherd Photography


Lisa placed Aquila (Meg/Konrad) with Dawn

Lisa placed "Dawn" (Casi/Konrad) with Dawn

Lisa placed "Jordan" (Sage/Tango) with Dawn

Lisa placed Miska (Tang/Storm) with Dawn

Lisa placed Luka (Kari/Luke)  with Dawn

Lisa placed Topaz (Suka/Grizz) with Dawn

Lisa placed Angel (Ursa/Angus) with Dawn

Note: these links are to pdf screen prints of web pages that are no longer linked to Belle Grace's Our Dogs page but were still "live" on the Belle Grace website as of July 9, 2006.

Lisa even brought Bev to Dawn's house so that she could get 1/2 of that litter, in order to expand her foundation stock!! Not to mention the fact that she allowed her to use our Kit, so that she could have a better variety of pups to keep/sell!

GV Timber
GV Timber, September 2005

Lisa also placed T-Ra with Dawn because she was the last of the Timber daughters and the only Artus grand-daughter who could be safely bred to Kit, in order to avoid doubling up on Bear! Yet Dawn chose  to allow most of these important pups leave the ISSR and therefore they will never be able to add their influence to the real Shiloh Shepherd gene pool. Instead they will just end up fading into the sliver OTX lines.

Note: Most of the bitches listed above are STILL owned by Lisa (with Dawn just listed as the co-owner) while several of the latest don't even have Dawn's name on them at all .. since NONE of them have ever been paid for!!  However, we must assume that the NSBR will provide Dawn with FAKE "ownership" papers, like they have done in the past for all of the others that joined their ranks!!  See the Shiloh Wall of Shame.

 In the summer of 2005 (after several warnings from me) Dawn made a shocking choice to purchase one of Gaby's pups--to the tune of $2000, that she managed to raise by bringing her friend Nancy into the deal.  (Nancy also had received 6 dogs from Lisa between 2003 and 2006;  her full story will be coming soon.)

A Little Additional Background Info

During Homecoming 2004 I found out that Gaby had purchased yet another "Shiloh" (pet) from one of my LB's. I requested a meeting with her so that I could quiz her in regard to her true intentions.  Since she had not been following any of the ISSR rules pertaining to the litters that she already had, I was becoming very concerned. 

She informed me that she wanted to seek SKG recognition, and I, in turn, informed her that this could not happen without the full backing of the ISSR! In other words, I would be willing to help her attain that goal if she was willing to proceed the right way! However, I would not tolerate her starting a haphazard "splinter" division in Europe, embarrassing the entire breed before we had a chance to introduce it properly!

She agreed, and it was at that point that we started discussing the establishment of a system that would be beneficial toward future recognition of the Shiloh Shepherd.

For more details, please read The Gaby Story


Could Dawn be so upset because her new pup didn't win anything at the Homecoming? As a matter of fact, this was the first year that she went home with only winning one of the classes! Why did she insist on putting all of her eggs into that OTX mix? She did have great dogs that could have entered.

Nonetheless, despite the fact that Dawn's new "OTX" would not be used in the future ISSR breeding program, as can clearly be understood by anyone who looks at the documentation (Who is Kijsha), she has chosen to use her anyway and even left the ISSR in order to join the sliver camp so she COULD do so!

Please note Dawn's specific quote:  <<BelleGrace Shilohs & Bearpaw Shilohs are honored to raise the latest line of new blood Shiloh Shepherds. Chumana is one of the first two European Shiloh Shepherds imported into America.>>, last updated 6/4/06>>

Is that why she has been making all of those false allegations against the "the Barbers" and the ISSR? Think about it! Take a good look at the way her stories keeping changing!

Here's another example of how one of her stories has changed several times!

1. On February 19, 2004 Dawn clearly stated that she was planning to sue her vet for malpractice.  (See actual letter)

2.  Then on March 27, 2006 she stated that "I can no longer in good conscience be part of an organization that revolves around hatred, anger, and revenge involving slander, libel, defamation, embezzlement, deceit, half truths, hidden facts, twisted stories, falsified test results, and rules applying to some but not others, just to name a few."

Sounds like she may have gotten her initials mixed up.  The above statement should have been applied to the NSBR,/ESSR, not us! LOL.

Her resignation letter then continued to attack Tina by stating

"Encouraging me to pursue a lawsuit against my vet when you knew that a bleeding disorder was in the genetics behind one of my dogs, the exact cause of her death, was incorrigible."

3.  Yet, on 6/29/06, Dawn posted on a sliver forum, "I lost Allie because of a vet's mistake during a spay. She bled to death shortly after surgery."

So, where's the truth? Did Allie die of some horrible genetic disease that is being "covered up" by the ISSR -- or-- was her accidental death due to negligence? Has Dawn tested all of her progeny as she swore she would? Will her puppies continue to be bred outside of the ISSR? Who will be maintaining that data? Who will have access to those records?

What about the pups she will be producing now? Who will maintain the  LMI data? The NSBR does not have a GTF in place to handle that kind of intense data collection, nor a competent geneticist to analyze the results. Anyone can tell you that "just" collecting bits and pieces of info on a few dogs does NOT provide sufficient information needed for utilization in carrier probability applications.

The NSBR claims to be a "registry" but, in reality, is just a "one woman" operation that has continued to complain about dealing with multiple computer crashes! Complaints have already poured in regarding the length of time (up to one year) it is taking poor Judy to mail out "papers" from her home PC.  Fraud complaints are also pouring in from people that have recently discovered that their "Shiloh" is nothing more than a faulty pet quality GSD.  Even ARBA won't accept these dogs at their shows!   Please see Don't Fall 4 The Fraud!

The ISSR has collected LMX/LMI data on 47,000 dogs and is proud to boast access to an ancestral database that holds over 114,215,516 names! This data is going to be made available for inspection to the FCI representatives that may be interested in providing us with the long sought for recognition. What about all of the sliver "frauds"? Where will they go when that day arrives? Maybe they will just continue to mass produce mixed pups that they can sell as Shilohs to the uninformed consumer? If you have any questions about my articles, please join the SSF and ask me or any of our SSDCA, Inc. members!

To read more stories about NSBR "Breeders" please take a moment to visit:
Three Cases of NSBR "Fraud"

Don't Fall 4 The Fraud

May vos reperio dolor vos sic libere tribuo


All photos, unless otherwise noted, taken with full knowledge of those pictured that they would appear on an ISSR Shiloh related website; screen prints of the Belle-Grace website duly acknowledged and accurate as of July 9, 2006.


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