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Open Letter to Jackie Wilde

Owner of the 'Shiloh Shepherd Library Project"
Established July 24, 2006

Since you seem to be promoting your new site as an "unbiased" venue that contains information about MY breed (still under development) I feel that is is my responsibility to expose your incorrect/inaccurate information.

1. On your home page you state that your site is "A wonderful place to learn more about this magnificent breed."  Yet the information you are presenting is completely biased! Why?

How can you explain this mess?

2. In your appearance section, you chose to just copy the controversial information that was presented on the wiki, despite the fact that I challenged many of the inaccuracies that were being pushed forth by your friends! I am also aware of the fact that they hail that war as a "Victory" because they managed to just keep deleting my posts! What a circus that turned into! Why? Because a small group of puppy pushers was better at playing "wiki" computer games? Big deal! It still doesn't make them good breeders! If anything, they have exposed their foolishness by insisting that a faulty Long Haired GSD type had to be used as an example of the Ideal  Shiloh!  Any fool can clearly see the faults in that dog, but in any case their insistence on replacing Laz with Harley led me to to prepare this report.

3. Under temperament you only have eight short lines?? Wow! I knew that your group didn't know "much" about the subject, but I never realized how little you do know!

Temperament is one of the key features that separates a Shiloh Shepherd from the other GSD/dog varieties! We have an entire page of links on our site, plus an active public STM forum, not to mention the tons of articles I wrote, clearly discussing the ideal Shiloh Shepherd temperament!

How can you classify your site as a "Library Project" (indicating a source of extensive information) when you don't have access to me (the breed founder) nor the right to use any of my copyrighted articles!

Yet you promote your site as "Unbiased"? What is "that" supposed to mean?

4. When I read your "History" section I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair! I am sure that you are just "parroting" the same trash others have stated on various sites--but if you want to present this information as true history, why don't you read my articles in order to discover the true facts?

  1. You claim "she chose to start reviving the breed by using the Thuringer lines for intelligence and the mountain shepherd lines for size and soundness." News to me! There has never been a kennel claiming to be breeding "Thuringer dogs/lines"--can you show me a pedigree that can demonstrate this "fact" that you are presenting? Where in my Shiloh Shepherd pedigrees do these lines appear? What about the "mountain shepherd lines"? Are you talking about Ensomhed kennel (they sort of lived on a hill)? LOL but they never called their dogs "mountain shepherds".  The only person that used that word in the Shiloh pedigrees was me and that was not until the 90's, so you couldn't be talking about those MAW dogs? I would love to see an explanation for that line of rhino manure.


You did make a bit of improvement in the middle, but I must point out that Sabrina (and Samson) were used to expand the gene pool in order for me to enter the rare breed arena. Sabrina did not "add the plush coats".  I had a large % of long haired GSDs for over three decades, prior to even spotting her!

Shandom, pictured at right, was a grandson of Shiloh-Emmview's Grey Express.  Photo circa 1986.

Maybe you should read my LMX article?

5. Your extremely generic Health page doesn't provide the reader with any more data about the issues that effect these dogs than does any other generic site! Your group has never done a health survey (how could they with some dogs in several registries while so many have no documentation at all because they have chosen to "register" with groups like ARBA, NKC, NCA and other "all breed" registries).  What a mess!

With "registries" and "chat groups" springing up here-there-and everywhere, how could anyone make any kind of sense out of these helter-skelter data collection systems! What happened to your "wonderful" shilohsgroup? Have the members lost interest--already? Getting tired of posting, or have they been fighting so much that they had to start a "new" group already? Wow! Ours has been growing by leaps and bounds! We already have 1320 members as of 9/23/06 and have averaged over 1540 posts per month consistently.

If anyone wants to research HONEST health data about these dogs, they should go to our unbiased Genetic Task Force site

Sure, you provide a lot of unrelated "health links" but  even if a person read each one of them carefully, they still won't know how this information relates to the Shiloh Shepherd "breed" as a whole!

Almost any dog can develop Canine Hip Dysplasia (mixes included).  This is a well known fact.  Even some Greyhounds have been diagnosed with this problem, although rarely, so the questions that people need to ask are...

  • What is the average % of incidence within the ISSR Shiloh?

  • How severe is the diagnosis?

  • Which lines are more/less prone to developing CHD?

  • How important is the LMX data?

  • Which breeders supply the best LMI data to the ISSR?

Now, these are the questions that should be asked, and the answers extensively researched by those that are investigating this breed! We have provided the public with continuous reports as well as our Community Forums, where they can question ISSR breeders directly.

6. You list the "registries"; fine, if these groups are truly maintaining a complete database on this "breed" then they should be publishing reports listing the number of litters registered per year, champions, etc., etc.

Anyone taking a quick look at your page will be able to notice 8 "registries" listed.   WOW! How many "Shiloh Shepherds" are actually in existence worldwide? After all, not only is it a "rare" breed, but still under development! How many litters are born per year?

Why don't we take a look at the honest statistics for the past decade.

Now let's do some simple math, ok? If the ISSR recorded  263 litters over a period of 10 years (1991-2000) this would mean an average of 26.3 litters born per year, right?

Now, let's look at all these "new" registries formed since the turn of the millennium and do another comparison for these five years (2001-2005).  The ISSR has registered a total of 133 litters during this time, averaging 26.6 per year.  This is comparable with the track record that we have maintained since our inception.

Now, let's look at the flip side of this coin.  If you have five or more "registries" that are tracking your data, how many litters is each of them registering? If less than 26  then WHY  do you need so many registries? If a lot more, then where are these dogs coming from? Why?

Since Internet searches reveal that your "groups" are advertising dozens of puppies monthly, I must assume that you do need a lot of places willing to pump out stacks of "papers" for these folks, but my question still remains the same.

Where are all of those puppies coming from? GSD puppy mills willing to wholesale long haired pups to your "breeders" that in turn pay for "registrations" that state that these dogs are now "Shiloh Shepherds"?

Are all of your breeders like that farmer I met in Canada?

Is that why your group is working so hard to confuse John Q. Public about the true history behind these magnificent dogs? Let me assure you of one thing--I will not "drop dead" as you all wish, nor will I fade into oblivion! Furthermore, I refuse to allow you to destroy the Shiloh name that I have proudly placed on these dogs, back in 1974! My name will continue to thrive, and the dogs we are breeding--as per MY vision--will continue to bless homes from coast to coast!

The truth shall prevail, despite your pitiful efforts to confuse, deceive and exploit the innocent public! Most people are not as dumb as you think they are! My site is getting a lot of hits and the book sales have been increasing dramatically!


You promote your "project" as unbiased?? Excuse me...but aren't you the official webmaster for practically all of the "fake-Shiloh" puppy producers? Isn't that what they pay you for? Yet the public is STILL not rushing in to pay thousands of dollars for fake shilohs!! Do you honestly think that your NEW scam idea is going to give them some kind of "appearance of credibility" ???

Just because they can't sell their pups (and I have noticed that several of them have nearly one-half of their litters unsold, since spring!!) Not good! One of your "clients" was even photographed giving her 6 month old pups away -free- at her local PetSmart! Another one is pushing hers via the LIVE AUCTION (right next to all of the other puppy millers!) How shameful!

Anyone going to your club's website can clearly see that you are only interested in selling puppies! You keep pushing litters, not breed info! Why don't you stop acting like a huckster! Please stop calling yourself "unbiased"--no one is going to buy that line!

If you want to learn more about these dogs, why don't you visit our Learning Center site map?


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